cantiMED has been founded by a group of physicist experts and medical product development specialists to enable a swift transfer of multiple innovative nanomedicine technologies into medical practice by providing disruptive diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for yet unsolved medical needs.

cantiMED is combining a highly sophisticated nanomedicine sensing technology with a comprehensive medical product development experience to provide solutions for improvement of existing medical products or for development of new innovative devices. Our goal is to provide solutions for yet unmet medical needs for a variety of acute and chronic diseases for the ultimate benefit of the affected patients.

Disruptive technologies are characterized by advances that will transform life, business, and the global economy.

Some of these emerging technologies – like the mobile internet, self-driving cars, and advanced genomics – have the potential to truly reshape the world in which we live and work. Leaders in both government and business must not only know what’s on the horizon but also start preparing for its impact. cantiMED understands this need and utilizes nanomedicine technologies for the upcoming changes in the medical field.